Our Services

Tree Removal/Felling
Noel McEllin Ltd specialises in the felling and the removal of trees. Overgrown or dangerous trees often require specialist equipment on site. Noel McEllin Ltd not only has the skills required but also the equipment for all types of felling and removal works. 
Tree Pruning/Shaping
Noel McEllin Ltd also offer a Tree Pruning/Shaping service. This is often required for the following reasons:
  •     Remove diseased/storm damaged branches
  •     To thin the crown to permit new growth and better air circulation
  •     To reduce the height of a particular tree
  •     To remove obstructing lower branches
  •     To shape a tree for design or aesthetic purposes
Tree Pruning/Shaping can require climbing and light chain saws. Noel McEllin Ltd has highly experienced climbers (with relevant certification) and has the necessary equipment to ensure that all jobs are completed to the highest of standards.
Where there is removal or felling of trees, operations often require the efficient disposal of branches, treetops and debris left over from the job. Noel McEllin Ltd has a range of chippers to cater for the disposal of debris on site for both small and larger jobs. Where the customer requires all debris to remain on site, chips can be stored in a safe manner on site. Alternatively, we provide a service whereby chips can be removed off site and disposed of as part of works.

Crown Reduction
Noel McEllin Ltd specialise in crown reduction for large and medium sized trees. Crown Reduction is often required for older trees and involves the removal of branches to decrease the height or spread of a tree’s crown. The most important part of this procedure is to ensure that all deadwood is removed and that the crown is shaped to give it a pleasing look.
Stump Grinding/Removal
Stumps are often left behind with tree felling and removal. Noel McEllin Ltd specialise in the removal of the tree stumps and have the necessary equipment for removal and grinding on site.
Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Site Clearance
Our site clearance procedure involves the removal of all green materials, which may include trees, hedges, plants and grass. Site Clearance will be carried out to the highest of standards and will be completed in accordance with any specific customer requests. Noel McEllin Ltd specialises in site clearance for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Site Clearance.
Ground Re-Instatement
Following the completion of some of our services, Ground Re-instatement is often required. Noel McEllin Ltd will re-instate all grounds associated with any job we complete to the highest of standard. All re-instatement works will be carried out to a specification outlined by the customer.
All Debris Removed Off-Site
Noel McEllin Ltd will remove all debris off site following the completion of all tree surgery services. We endeavor to achieve customer satisfaction in all jobs and will ensure that the site is left in the highest standard.
Noel McEllin Tree Surgery Ltd.
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McEllin Tree Surgery is availale in Mayo, Sligo, Galway, and all other Counties in the West of Ireland